Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday adventure!

Well, yesterday my friends Gary and Jeremy from Cane Creek Cycling Components picked me up around noon to go ride Squirrel Gap. Another awesome adventure Sunday! On the way up the long ass gravel Turkey Pen road, we hit a rock with the oil pan of the BMW. Often folks will park at the bottom and just ride up but since we had Tsunami, Gary's dog, we decided to drive up. "She hates the gravel road after riding Squirrel Gap." Was Gary's reasoning so off we went. Well, like I said we hit a rock with the oil pan. We didn't notice it in the parking lot so along with our friend Steve-o we embarked on an awesome day of Squirrel Gap out and back riding.

We rode all the way to Horse Cove then turned around and came back. That trail is absolutely the awesomeness! When we arrived back at the parking lot we realized that somewhere in the last few miles, after all that riding, we were missing Steve-o's dog Gia. While he was cruising back down the hill to find her we changed and loaded up the Beemer. When Steve-o and Gia return, Funny thing Gary says, "I'm going to look and see if we dented the oil pan. hehehe. FUCK!" He had dented the oil pan alright and there was now 1/2 of a liter of oil underneath the car.

Gary was awesome. He kept his cool...drove carefully down the rutted dirt road of oil pan ruin and to the BP where he calmly called AAA and Elliot to come pick us up. Since none of us were going to be driving home, Jeremy cruised into the BP and grabbed some tallboys while we waited. We even had a nice sunny spot on a beautiful upper 60 degree day!

Elliot arrived and loaded all of the bikes onto his Mercedes wagon (I think it was a Mercedes wagon) and we threw all of our gear inside. The tow truck guy arrived and to my beautiful surprise he didn't flaunt his overly large ass crack as he surely could have. What can I say? I noticed it and needed to mention it. We all headed to German Motor Werks of Asheville (Elliott works here), dropped the car and picked up Gary. All this and we were still home by 8! Sweet! I was a little sick from all the crap I couldn't help but consume at the gas station but that was my fault.

Sorry about your car Gary, but thanks for keeping a good attitude about it. Thanks to Jeremy for the beers. Thanks to Elliott for driving 40 minutes both ways to pick us up. Thanks to Fate's (not fat's) towing for keeping the crack concealed, being timely and getting the BMW to the shop. Overall, not a bad day at all. Until next time... Happy riding!

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