Friday, May 22, 2009

SSUSA 2009

And the winner is...
Wooo Hooo! What a fun weekend SSUSA was. Saturday offered up a short track race and a night time trial.
I was super confused when they called me up to stand in #1 on the podium. I placed 2nd between Kylie and Rebecca in both events on Saturday and about 4th of 5 on Sunday's 20 mile cross country race...but I won the kiddie bike bike race which was the race for the belt and SSUSA champion...Marshall "of course you did."

This weekend was awesome fun all around and I got the opportunity to meet some awesome folks. Thanks Robb for putting on an awesome event. Here's a photo of the men's belt podium.

DeJay got first and yeah that's Pisgah Works very own Bruce in third.