Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Swanky, fryparty, holidaze, snowstorm wrap up!

Hey blog fans, the year is almost over so here's a catch-up of what's been going on.

I finished Swank this year with the time in the photo! Youngblood beat me by 5minutes and 5seconds. I placed 3rd on my single speed and my time placed me 38th overall! EndlessBikeCo. sponsored athlete and all around good guy Thom Parsons came down from
Massachusetts to placed 3rd overall on his single
speed! I'm so proud of Thom. Photo by Laura Goetz

The Pisgah Brew Crew was out in full force cheering racers on at the bottom of Farlow Gap and my number 1 fan Laura Goetz was there as well. Check out these photos!

As I expected, I was the only person in a tutu and only one person asked me "What's up with the tutu? Don't you know Halloween's over? He doesn't know shit and I'm pretty sure I beat him. With the Brew Crew on Farlow though, I was not the only person with an awesome outfit! Photos by Laura Goetz, The Living Pixel and an unknown Brew Crew member.

In November Marshall put on a "Fuck It, Fry It" party. What is that you ask? Well we fried whatever anyone brought. Here's a photo of some of the things that went into the turkey fryer. Bacon wrapped chicken wings, bacon coated bacon, turkey, oreo cookies, flour tortillas, mini snickers, wontons... lots of things. It was a good party, but the grease hangover lasted far longer than, well... I would have liked. The guy at the Red Cross Platelet Donation center the next day was not to happy with me either, but I donated the platelets successfully nonetheless. We did have one casualty when Otto crashed a bike on the way back from a cream cheese run! The cream cheese arrived at the party safely and Otto made it back for dinner with a broken collar bone after the ER visit too! What a trooper. Photo by Phil Shaw

Laura and I had an impromptu pie party! Rode Black Mountain Trail in great outfits on a Sunday! She was wearing a home made bear suit and a nice
dress cause it was Sunday and there is no hunting on Sundays. Sorry we didn't get a photo with the bear ears and armies! Good lookin' photo nonetheless.

We had Thanksgiving with friends! I'm thankful for all of them. Photo by Laura Goetz

In December we experienced a snowstorm which is rare for Asheville. Laura, myself and the crew spent a lot of time riding bikes in the snow and enjoying each others company in this rare (for Asheville) winter splendor, we also helped Justin put on the Holidaze Alleycat! We had reindeer games in the back yard. I always wanted to be a reindeer with wings and look, Laura really can fly! Photos by myself and Justin Mitchell
Well, that's all for now. Getting ready for the Snake Creek Gap Time Trial Series in Dalton, GA
which will be Saturday January 2, Saturday February 6, and Saturday March 6.

Please support NW GA SORBA and come on out!

The weather man (whomever that is) calls for 36degrees on Saturday as of today with rain and snow showers on Friday.

Good thing I have a "HOT" outfit for the race! It's gonna be so much FUN! Report soon. Ciao!


jmilliron said...

"Fuck It, Fry It" party. Nice!

EndlessBikeCo. said...

Sorry the layout of this post sucks ya'll. I can't figure out how to make the post look like the preview. Jason, maybe if we do it again you can come by.