Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Post Halloween post

Photo stolen from Jeff Zimmerman
Well, Halloween has come and gone, as usual, my favorite holiday included lots of my favorite things... bikes, beer, friends, costumes, more bikes and more beer! Thanks to Asheville On Bikes for getting people on bikes for the Pumpkin Pedaller and to the Wedge for not kicking my silly, costumed, single speed bike riding, Halloween spirit filled drunk ass out! I feel really lucky. Oh, I almost forgot...thank you Laura and Beth for not leaving me at the Wedge and making sure I got home safe. I guess I tried to win the Halloween Party...I'm good for that. 

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Anonymous said...

"I guess I tried to win the Halloween Party" - yeah, it was a great time.
Where's the $20 I loaned you!?! (Just joking)