Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bike riding in March

Well folks March has come and gone with lots of diverse weather as well as bike riding therein. Here's just a small taste of the month.
March started with some snow... on March 1.
My Cute little snow angel.
Bikes waiting while Marshall and I had a snow-day coffee at Izzy's
Me on Beaucatcher Rd. It was cold over there.
Marshall riding back into the light under Helen's Bridge.

Saturday March 7, 2009
I wasn't able to race the 3rd Snake Creek Gap due to hurting my back after the Asheville On Bikes, Bike Love party but this enabled me to watch Marshall take 3rd in the mens money class with an exciting sprint finish as well as Beth taking 2nd in her class.
Marshall's trophy and training/racing info.

Friday March 13, 2009 Alex Bryenton's Birthday Whiskey Crit!
To start this one off, I want to let you all know that I didn't participate in this one, cause I just don't drink whiskey like that...ever!
The crew!
Kylie with the start...ready GO!

I won't show the pictures of what happened next. Actually the crit went off without any trouble with Alex, the birthday boy winning. The ride afterwards was different. 
3 crashes, 1 broken collar bone, 2 broken teeth a swollen knee a swollen finger and a broken hand later...Marshall and I went home.

Sunday March 29, 2009
I have recently introduced my friend Laura to not only the world of Single Speed, but to 29ers as well. She purchased herself a Gary Fisher Rig in March and has been riding the shit out of the "Turdcicle" ever since. We have been riding a bunch together, with the Dupont Save the Trails Challenge being the most interesting so far. First we threw all of our stuff into the bug...
We thought Laura was going to stop when we reached our buddies at the 18 mile marker at rest stop 2. When we arrived, Beth was freaking out! "Where have you been? Is everything ok?" We couldn't tell why she was so upset. Well it was 4:00 and we were actually at mile 29. Laura's longest ride yet and we had no idea. It was awesome! Here are some more photos of Laura and I hamming it up in Dupont.
We're gonna go back for that sweet car...
We had the most fun of anyone all day! 
At the top of the slick rock of Cedar Rock Trail.

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