Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snake Creek Gap Time Trial 1

With the second Snake Creek Gap Time Trial almost upon us, I decided that I should have added a new post weeks ago. That being said, Snake Creek Gap Time Trial kicks butt! This event was awesome! Definitely the most organized event I've ever attended. 

EndlessBikeCo. along with the Pisgah Brew Crew had a great showing on January 3. Myself and Marshall rented a car and met Beth, Jut and Kylie at the hotel. Well, Marshall and I rolled in after everyone went to bed around 12pm. We also caught up with Bruce and Rob on race day. 

This was my first fully rigid SingleSpeed race and I had a really great time! The picture above was taken by Jason Burnett of NWGASORBA. For me the whole race was foggy and mysterious. 

On to race results... they don't matter too awful much to me, but are a part of the event. 

My goal for the first race was 5 hours:
I finished with a time of 4:50:58. Placing me 18th in SingleSpeed class;
Marshall finished 3:17:28, placing him 4th in Mens Money Class;
Beth finished 4:29:55, placing her 3rd in Women 30 and over;
Jut finished 3:57:42, placing him 4th in SingleSpeed class;
Kylie finished 4:04:39, placing her 2nd in Women's Money Class (on a SingleSpeed I might add);
Bruce finished 3:57:43, placing him 5th in SingleSpeed class;
Rob finished 3:27:18 placing him 1st in SingleSpeed class.

At the end of the race we were treated with chili and mini moon pies as well as a nice warm fire. 
Well, those are the results thus far... next time I think we'll have a few more racers with the Asheville crew. Thanks for checking us out!

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Chewieez said...

Hope to see you again at Snake this weekend!

I rode behind you for a bit at Swank65 on the singlespeed with my endless cog and Yazoo jersey. I remember you pointed it out to me while we were riding! haha... gotta love a girl who notices your cog right?!

Anywho, you prob don't remember me but I hope you have another great ride at Snake. I'll be riding this one rigid for the first time too.